Rowad International
Attn: Asad Ullah Khan

List of Accredited Test Methods:

         ASTM D792 - Specific Gravity

         ASTM D1004 90% Tear

         ASTM D1204 - Dimensional Stability

         ASTM D1238 - MFI

         ASTM D3895 - Standard OIT

         ASTM D4218 - C.B. Content (Muffle)

         ASTM D4833 - Index Puncture

         ASTM D5199 - Thickness

         ASTM D5596 - Carbon Black Dispersion Microtone

         ASTM D5721 - Oven Age

         ASTM D5994 T GM Core Thickness

         ASTM D6392 Thermo-Peel and Shear

         ASTM D6693 PO Tensile

         ASTM D7466 - Asperity Height

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